Doggie Day Care:

This is more than just dropping off your best friend with us, it’s about peace of mind knowing your pet will be cared for, catered to, and, well, spoiled.

Dog & Cat Boarding

We know, you want to take your pet with you, but sometimes circumstances don’t allow it. But trust us, wherever you may be going, your dog or cat is going to have just as good a time as you will.


If only our own hairstylists were as passionate about how we look. Our highly experienced groomers listen intently to the look you have in mind for your pet – we know owners can be quite finicky. And, of course, the family best friend will be sparkling clean. At least until the next time he or she romps through the mud.

Pet Supplies:

At NW Pet Resort, we perform exhaustive research to be able to offer the highest quality, most effective, and eco-conscious pet products. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Pet Food:

What we put in our pets’ diets can have a major impact on their health and behavior. At NW Pet Resort, we focus on offering all-natural products that positively impact their digestive system, the health of their coat, and their energy levels. Just as we try to feed our families nutritious meals, the same should be done for the family pet as well.


We believe that educating pet owners is crucial to the well-being of their dogs or cats, and it can have a tremendous impact on the owner-pet interaction. The staff at NW Pet Resort maintains a vast amount of knowledge regarding pet behavior, nutrition, and overall needs – across the array of breeds. By sharing our knowledge with you, we hope to enrich your pet’s life, as well as your relationship with him or her.