Open Farm

Open Farm is a family-run pet food business that understands that the best ingredients are grown and raised by farmers who respect the environment and the animals under their care. This company provides grain-free, healthy, and delicious options for both cats and dogs. Their food features a limited set of premium proteins, as well as fruits and veggies that are raised naturally, responsibly, and humanely. This pet food brand commits to being ethically sourced from farm to bowl. Open Farm sources premium ingredients from family farms, providing more nutritious food that you can feel good about buying. They are dedicated to providing high quality food for your pet that comes from a good place.

Open Farm is a proud partner of leading animal welfare organizations like Certified Humane and Global Animal Partnership. These organization are trailblazers in humane farming and sustainable fishing standards. Open Farm abides by these organizations’ strict mantates by subjecting their entire supply chain to third party audits. This guarantees that they are maintaining the highest possible standards for your pets. They also support ocean heath by partnering with leaders in sustainable fishing practices.

Pet parents can know exactly where their pet food comes from by instantly tracing the origin of each ingredient in each bag of Open Farm pet food. As part of their commitment to ethical and transparent sourcing practices, Open Farm’s traceability feature allows the buyer to trace their ingredients by entering the lot code on the back of their bag. This shows where each ingredient originated from and when it was purchased.

Here at Northwest Pet Supply, we support ethically sourced food for our animals and yours, as well. We believe that quality ingredients from responsible sources should be the most important part of your pet’s diet. Purchasing from Open Farm guarantees that your pet is getting the best ingredients from them and for the planet.