Plato Pet Treats

This treat brand based in California features slow-roasted snacks that are certified US Organic. Plato Pet Treats promises no mystery meats and no hidden fine print. All you’ll find in a bag of these treats is real food created by real people. With Plato, you can feel confident about what you’re treating your pet with. This company understands that not everyone lives next to a rushing river full of salmon, and not everyone can farm all of our own organic ingredients to prepare each meal from scratch. However, Plato’s Pet Treats can provide your pet with all of those benefits.

Plato uses responsibly-sourced ingredients. This means that your dog can taste nature just as it was intended, without any unnatural fillers or substitutes. They use the highest percent of quality, single-source protein on the market. Each of these proteins can be traced back to their origin, so you can feel confident in where your treats came from.

These treats are never freeze-dried or outsourced. Each treat is slow-roasted in custom ovens in their organic-certified facility in the heart of central California. They control each step of their treats’ journey so that they know exactly what your pet is getting. Plato knows everyone in their food chain, because the treats are made in small batches without sugars, fillers, or artificial additives.

The philosophy of Plato’s Pet Treats is all about quality. They procure ingredients straight from the source by working with trusted and responsible vendors here in the United States. They receive deliveries of fresh veggies and meat directly to their facility, and are prepared and quality-controlled in-house.

Plato’s Pet Treats partners with several 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to help do their part in protecting animals from unnecessary euthanasia. They also sponsor canine welfare programs and provide service dogs to veterans. This is truly a brand you can feel good about buying! Northwest Pet Supply believes in the Plato philosophy and will continue to support it for years to come.