We are proud to offer raw and freeze-dried animal food by Primal Pet Foods. Primal provides living food for thriving pets, and believes that every pet deserves to live life to the fullest. This brand helps that happen by providing products with the highest quality wholesome ingredients, including 100% edible-grade meats and certified organic produce. All of these combined help fuel a happy, healthy life for your pet for many years.
Primal Pet Foods offers species appropriate nutrition. Raw food formulas provide a diet that most closely mimics natural eating habits in the wild. This helps dogs and cats to assimilate essential nutrients better than with standard pet foods.
Primal Formulas, Mixes, and Grinds are all made with fresh, antibiotic and steroid-free whole muscle meat, organ meat, and bones with no added hormones or fillers. These high-quality protein sources provide essential amino acids, fats, calcium, and enzymes to support the overall health of your pet. You will never find synthetic supplements in these products. All you’ll find is unrefined, food-based nutrients that support immune, circulatory, and digestive health. The meats found in Primal foods are sourced from 100% vegetarian-fed animals inspected under strict guidelines for safety and sanitation. All proteins are procured from sustainable ranches in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.
The mission of Primal Pet Foods is focused on elevating the health of pets through species appropriate nutrition. This company is made up of passionate pet owners who understand the care on concern that goes into choosing a source of nutrition for your companion. They have secured strong, long-term relationships with vendors who raise their animals and produce sustainably. That’s why we support this brand and the food that they provide for both cats and dogs. Primal food is truly as natural as it gets, and your pet will thank you!