Blackwood Slow-Cooked Pet Nutrition believes that better cooking equals better nutrition, and we couldn’t agree more! This company produces pet food in small batches at their family-operated facility in Ohio because healthy, happy pets make their families happy. That’s why Blackwood is dedicated to the care and quality that goes into every batch of their dog and cat recipes.

The Blackwood website features their Recipe Selector which helps pet parents pick the perfect food for their animal’s needs. The feature takes into consideration your pet’s age, activity level, and dietary considerations to suggest the right formula. Each recipe is made using all-natural ingredients sources from suppliers that the Blackwood family knows by name. If your pet is not satisfied for any reason, simply contact their customer service team and they will gladly refund your purchase price. This means you can purchase any Blackwood product worry-free!

Perfection can’t be rushed. This holds true for Blackwood, as their time-honored commitment of slow cooking has proven. This process has been perfected over the course of more than twenty years. Today, this company is creating premium pet food recipes that are appetizing and easy for your pet to digest. Slow cooked foods increase nutrient uptake, which may improve energy, stamina, and immune response. Their Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid levels help promote superior skin and coat quality, too! Blackwood was part of an independent study to show the effects of starch conversion on available nutrition for pets. Their method of slow cooking creates a higher starch conversion which can lead to increased stamina and energy, according to the study.

This company takes time to do things right, and that is why we are proud to offer a variety of their products at Northwest Pet Supply. Good things take time, and Blackwood’s time is spent providing your pet with the best nutrition possible.