Top Dog is the future of cleaning. Their goal through the whole development process has been to create the last odor remover you’ll ever need, and they’ve succeeded. Top Dog can be used on any water-safe surface like carpet, clothing, concrete, wool, drapes, and rugs. It contains the ideal chemical makeup for cleaning and instantly eradicates bacteria and odor. It reaches deep to clean out the source of the problem and permanently removes any scent from almost any location. It’s also completely non-toxic and safe for your kids and pets. Even better, it’s sourced from 100% American products and manufactured here too.  It’s designed for home, business, and commercial use.Top Dog is very easy to use as well. For carpet stains, simply saturate the affected area first. You’ll need to wait about 15 minutes or so for the chemicals to break down the bacteria in the carpet. Then lightly dab with a color-safe cloth. After 24-48 hours of drying time, there should be no odor or stain. Airborne odors are just as easy, just spray into the air! I know plenty of local carpet cleaners who have incorporated Top Dog into their business with great success. But even if you’re just looking to it for personal use, we’ve got all kinds of bottle sizes. Top Dog has tons of positive reviews and loyal fans who swear by its cleaning powers, as they should! If you had access to a non-toxic, American-made, and easily accessible spray that was guaranteed to get rid of odors, why wouldn’t you go for it? From a small spray bottle to clean up your place as you’re moving out, to a big one to keep in the break room because of the office dog. Whatever your Top Dog needs, we’ve got you covered at the Northwest Pet Resort.