When the creators of the Victor brand set out to create their company, they did their research, met with top ingredient producers, and developed each formula to serve specific purposes. They did all of this with the highest standards in the industry. From this work, they created their unique base of four essential Victor core ingredients. These ingredients can be found in every bag of Victor dog food, and they come together to provide superior nutrition for your pets.

One of the core Victor ingredients is Selenium Yeast, which offers benefits for metabolism, cellular regeneration, and immune response support. Complex minerals are easily absorbed and work on the cellular level to promote efficient metabolic function and support healthy coat, skin, and paw pad integrity as well as a strong immune system. Complex minerals also help skeletal growth, joint cartilage health, wound healing, and cell division and synthesis functions. The next core ingredient is Prebiotics, which promote a healthy digestive system and help support immune defense systems. Probiotics also help digestion while supporting a strong immune system as well.
The Victor brand is dedicated to creating the finest product in the pet nutrition industry. They are committed to value and have a passion for consistently delivering according to their high standards. Based in Texas, this brand has built themselves from the ground up using extensive research and formulation. They source advanced, proven ingredients for all of their products so you can feel confident in what you’re feeding your pets. When you feed your pets Victor, you’re feeding food that is fresh, consistent, and packed with nutrition.

Northwest Pet Supply will continue to support Victor’s vision for pet food and their goal: healthier, better performing pets that will retain their energy day after day, season after season. There is a reason why Victor is considered one of the best dog and cat foods on the market – try it and see the difference for yourself!