Bocce's Bakery

The story of Bocce’s Bakery is a simple one, but still touches the hearts of and makes sense to pet lovers everywhere. We’ll begin with Bocce himself. Bocce is a lovable frizzy haired mutt of 5 years. Once upon a time, he was taken to the vet for a routine checkup, and had been told that he was carrying a few extra pounds. Oh no! After this revelation, owner Andrea began investigating Bocce’s diet and was appalled and just how much junk and how many preservatives are in normal dog foods. A change was needed, for sure. They combined Andrea’s love for cooking with organic and season ingredients, her love for Bocce and his health, and Bocce’s love for biscuits to make Bocce’s Bakery!

Bocce’s Bakery specializes in delicious doggy biscuits. They cook with seasonal ingredients in small batches to guarantee high quality and a great taste. Not to mention that all ingredients are organic! No preservatives here. Be sure to check out their line of biscuits! Lots of delicious variations on one great original recipe. All of Bocce’s Biscuits are baked in small batches. All of the fresh ingredients are purchased locally and all from family owned operations. They also use organic flours and bake everything by hand! We’ve been very impressed with Bocce’s Bakery from the beginning. Bocce also approved! Thanks to Andrea’s change in his diet, he’s now at his ideal weight and happier than ever.

At the Northwest Pet Resort, we’re dedicated to helping your pup in every way we can. We support everything Bocce’s Bakery stands for and are very proud to carry their products. More owners should be aware of what their pet is eating and do everything they can to make sure it’s natural, fresh, and healthy. Let us help you do everything you possibly can to ensure they’ve got a great diet. A healthy pet is a happy one!