Wo Design

If you’re looking for some awesome dog toys that support a good cause, then you came to the right place. Every time you purchase one of these interactive dog toys engineered to flex your dog’s muscles and mind, Wo Designs will donate two nutritional meals to orphaned children and widows in Ethiopia. This is truly a company that makes a difference in the lives of many.

Each of Wo Design toys are recyclable as well, so the only impact you’ll make on the planet by purchasing from Wo is a positive one. In fact, Wo does all the recycling for you! No more tossing your used toys into a landfill. Each toy shipped back to Wo gets remade into a brand new toy, meaning you can create a new fun adventure for another happy pup.

Each interactive dog toy is made in the USA using FDA-approved material. It’s also BPA free! This means you won’t have to worry about your dog getting sick or experiencing any long-term side effects from toxicity. These locally-made dogs toys help create jobs in Montana and North Carolina. This brand is so confident in their products that they offer a money-back guarantee on their toys. In addition to being backed up, recyclable, and safe, Wo Designs bone and disc toys also float! This is a great solution for pups who enjoy a day at the lake. The buoyant materials ensure that your toy won’t be lost in the lake.

Wo Design makes dog toys, and they also make the world a better place. Each toy is safe for use around your pups, kids, and family because they are made with certified safe materials, unlike some competitors. We are excited to offer Wo Designs products here at Northwest Pet Supply. By purchasing these toys, together, we can all make a difference.