Starmark Training & Behavior Solutions

Starmark is one of the industry’s leaders in dog training and happiness. So many of their products are designed to help you train, entertain, or treat your pup. From treat dispensers to the everlasting treats themselves, we’re happy to carry their products and assist you in cultivating the perfect relationship with your furry friend! We carry a great selection of their treats and toys.

Starmark’s toys aren’t just there to kill time for your pet, there’s a lot of research them. The Starmark training academy is one of the world’s finest when it comes to dog training and behavior specialists, and it shows! These toys are designed from the ground up to keep your pup mentally engaged in activities they love. They also help foster natural hunting and and foraging instincts, which are a fantastic and far healthier than boredom-induced destructive tendencies. Feel free to use the Starmark treats with these toys, or any part of their normal diet to turn what’s normally mealtime into a fun playtime.

Starmark makes their treats without any polymers or polyesters; they’re perfectly digestible. Not only are they safe to eat, but delicious as well! Your pet won’t be able to resist the wide array of flavors. Feel free to stick these in a Starmark toy for hours of entertainment for your fuzzy friend, or simply use them as a delicious reward for a job well done. Whichever you do, know that you’re giving your pet the quality they deserve. We love Starmark products here at Northwest Pet Supply. We support their goal of well trained and well entertained pets. Effective communication with your dog is paramount, and quality treats and fun playtime are both very important pieces of that relationship. We love to help anyone we can have a better life with their dog and carrying Starmark lets us do just that.