Canidae has been making high quality dog food since 1996. Their focus is on producing natural and delicious pet food at any of their home farms or local farms they’ve partnered with to help in the Canidae Farms Initiative. Over the last 20 years, they’ve placed an emphasis on working with nature instead of against it to deliver the best dog food they possibly can. They started as an independent and family-owned company and still are to this day. Really impressive, given how much they’ve grown since their humble roots. The main goal of their farming initiative is to partner with local farmers in order to produce better crops for already great dogs. Instead of the normal mass-market fare like soy, corn, and wheat, in 2017 Canidae packed their pet foods with peas, millet, milo, tomatoes, zucchini, sage, parsely, and rosemary. They had goals to use an even greater healthy variety in 2018 and we’re positive they met them.

Canidae makes use of their Ethos Pet Nutrition site in Texas to study, test, and improve their product each and every year. With a lab on the same site as their main packing facility, this lets them update or create any recipes in record time. If you combine this with their excellent habit of baking in small batches, you’ve got yourself a company that stays on top of it and guarantees their product. This allows them to create a variety of fantastic pet products that we’re proud to carry for you! I’m most impressed with their protein selection. Depending on your pet’s preference, you can choose from Avian, Buffalo, Bison, Wild Boar, Beef, Salmon, and more! These healthy meats combined with the great selection of vegetables and herbs above make for some of the best pet food your money can buy.