Multipet International is a premiere award-winning designer of pet products in the United States and the rest of the world. Stocking pet stores in the U.S, Europe, Australia, and South America, Multipet is an international leader in the pet toy industry. The driving force behind their sales is an innovation not always present everywhere else in the industry. From the widely recognized Loofa dog toy to their beloved LAMBCHOP, Multipet is a household name when it comes for fantastic toys for your furry friend. Not only are they progressive in the field of pet toys, but they even put their profits to a good cause. In 2007, Multipet threw their glove into the ring against breast cancer by introducing the Pink Ribbon Loofa dog toy. All proceeds from these sales have gone towards the fight against Breast Cancer, and it has been quite a success.

Pets have loved the Loofa Dog since its inception, but that’s not the only popular toy Multipet brings to the table. CanineClean peppermint bones, ropes, and rings do a fantastic job of cleaning your dog’s teeth and getting rid of some of that unfortunate breath. Yet another example of Multipet going above and beyond with its toy production. They’ve figured out many great ways to entertain your dog while also giving back in some fashion or another. The AromaDog toy is a new and exciting line of therapeutic dog toys that releases a calming scent with every squeak and toss. Your dog will feel relaxed and happy when playing with this, and that has the same impact on us! Here at Northwest Pet Supply, we take pride in provided you with top of the line dog toys to make sure your best friend at home is happy and healthy. Whether you’re looking to help your dog or help the fight against Breast Cancer, we’ve got the Multipet toy for you.