Julie Krauss and Bob Flynn founded Hugglehounds in 2009 with a specific goal in mind. They resolved to introduce an extremely durable but also extremely fun toy to the marketplace, and they absolutely delivered. Hugglehounds toys are stylish, fun, and the product of the over-50 combined years of pet experience between the two founders. They’re well designed with cutting-edge technology for maximum durability. The secret to these toys that other manufacturers don’t have access to is the patented “Tuffut” technology. This secret tech is easily identified by its FIrefly green color. It’s a unique and durable double-layer lining that makes these toys truly the toughest on the market.

The other fantastic part about Hugglehounds is their wide variety of product sizes! Every single bed, toy, and crate-mat must be the perfect size for your best friend to be truly happy. From “wee” to “super-sized”, they’ve got your pet covered for every single product they sell. Of course the mats are also produced with the Tuffut tech as well, making for a mat that is resistant to whatever kind of damage your dog can put out. The upsides of a chew-proof mat are underrated by everyone until you wish you had one.

Hugglehounds most popular and oldest toy is their “Knotties” collection. Launched in 2009, each Knotty is a work of art created here in the U.S by members of the Hugglehounds team. They understand how dogs play and what they like to do, so each limb is knotted to provide that excellent chewing and tugging canine experience. Not only that, but each one is CE certified, meaning they comply with the highest environmental and safety standards. When toys are good for your pet, good for you, and also good for the world around us, how can you say “no”? We love Hugglehounds as a brand and couldn’t be happier carrying them for you here at Northwest Pet Supply.