Addiction starting producing their high-quality pet food in 2002 when their founder noticed that most pet food wasn’t actually good for your pet. It actually went a step beyond that, and was bad for them! With his 20 years of surgical and nutritional background, he sought to create a pet food that would solve this awful problem. The first problems he noticed with the pets he brought it were painful skin and gastrointestinal issues. The unhealthy combination of grains, allergens, and fats in most dog foods were causing more harm than good, and marking all sorts of dogs absolutely miserable. In order to fix this issue, he looked to lessons we can learn from nature. Dogs and cats were perfectly happy and healthy with their natural diet, so the best way to make dog food is to emulate that as much as possible. He formulated recipes based on wild game meats and lots of proteins. These meats are both higher in nutrients your pet needs, but also hypoallergenic and way easier to digest.

Nature doesn’t only have meats, though. Addiction added fruits, herbs, vegetables, seeds, and nuts to add a bunch of flavor and round out the nutritional profile. The result? Every test subject devoured their food bowl and immediately asked for more. Not only that, but soon enough everyone was refusing their own food and only eating Addiction’s bowl of healthy goodness. Hence the name. Addiction has put together a unique blend of flavors and nutrients that mirrors exactly what nature intended for your pet. Tack on a high respect for premium proteins and ecologically friendly production methods thanks to New Zealand’s strict standards, and we’ve got some of the highest quality pet food around. At Northwest Pet Supply, our #1 priority is your pet’s health and happiness, and we couldn’t be more proud to carry Addiction’s brand.