Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger started  manufacturing equine products in 1872 but quickly added dog sporting and training gear as well. For over 140 years they’ve shipped top of the line products internationally. Proud of their “German Manufactured” history, the 160 employees at Herm Sprenger dedicate every day to making their products better and more reliable. They’re now most widely known for their dog training prong collars. Prong collars catch a lot of flak among the training community. More people swear against them than swear by them. But, at the end of the day, when you’ve got a trainer who believes in the proper utilization of the prong (or pinch), they unanimously recommend Herm Sprenger. Some will actually ONLY use the Sprenger brand, refusing any other subpar products.

So how is it that a vocal majority can oppose this type of collar, but there’s an extremely confident and successful minority? Practice. A prong collar is easy to misuse when training your dog. The first and most important thing to note is the sizing. A proper size is necessary for a good walk or training session. Too loose and the prongs turn outwards or don’t provide enough of a correction, too tight and we’re potentially producing a negative reaction in the dog and don’t have as much control over our own responses! The second important part is placement. The collar should be mid-neck with the prongs at the back of the neck on top. Having the prongs on the bottom or the side is the first step to misuse and potentially irritating some skin. If you keep these guidelines in mind and do a little bit of research before using this oft misunderstood collar, you’ll find yourself a high quality training tool. At Northwest Pet Supply, we want what’s best for your pet. Herm Sprenger is a fantastic and well-run brand with a long history. Their products continue to be the highest quality and we couldn’t be happier about carrying them.