Cloudstar’s origins are as humble as perhaps your own, if not more so. Their first batch of wholesome and healthy dog treats came right from their oven at home more than 16 years ago. The recipe was made for complete scratch for a sweet German Shepherd with some food allergies. That created the additional home-cooking challenge of avoiding common allergens like soy and corn. They’ve grown a lot since then, no longer one person cooking for one shepherd, but a small team cooking for dogs of every size, taste profile, and stage of life. Cloudstar’s philosophy is one of caring and patience, remembering their simple start and applying that safe love and care to every batch of dog food. It’s their goal to see the smallest puppies and the oldest and best boys eating happily and healthily.

Cloudstar makes sure to use natural and simple ingredients in their homebaked treats. None of the artificial flavors, colors, soy, and corn that you find in mass produced and bulky food products. You’ll only find ingredients you recognize like peanut butter, flaxseed, peas, and sweet potatoes. Even with the larger operation than they had in 2002, the simple process is still maintained; baking, canning, and dehydration. Every recipe is made sure to be palatable and digestible. You’ll find a Cloudstar treat for any dog here at our store. There’s the Tricky Trainers line to make sure that training your pup is the easiest it’s ever been. There’s also the Wag More Bark Less for when you’ve just got to let them know how good they’re being. Not to mention each and every treat is stuffed with protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and moisture so it’s 100% delicious. We couldn’t be happier about carrying Cloudstar on our shelves. They truly care about making good food for good dogs. What more could we want?