Don, Darin, Derrik, and Denver Kassebaum have been passionate about properly cleaning up after pets for years. They’ve strived to create natural and healthy shampoo and bathing products for any pet owners to use. Enriching the lives of pets and their people is one thing, but the additional goal of helping those in need around the world is another level of admirable entirely. Through unprecedented levels of innovation and creativity, the Kassebaums have somehow managed to take a step further in both comfort for your pet and also taking care of the globe with each product release. It’s important too, their impact on the globe, because hundreds of Tropiclean products across 8 brands reach an audience in over 65 countries.

So just how has Tropiclean made such a positive impression on us? To start, ever since their inception in 1992, they’ve focused on all natural ingredients in their products. They quickly became an industry leader and known for their quality recipes. They’ve developed natural relief from ticks, fleas, and other sources of itching. Tropiclean introduced a Tangle Remover in 2005 that completely changed the game when it comes to dog grooming; making the brushing and drying process that much easier. As of 2007, all of their packaging was completely biodegradable and afterwards they introduced an award winning line of breath fresheners for pets. The list goes on and on, but you get the idea; Tropiclean has a clear goal and every product they release is good for the global community as a whole. Not only that, but they’re darn good pet grooming products! We couldn’t be happier about stocking their shampoos and breath fresheners here at Northwest Pet Supply, and we hope you use Tropiclean so you can also experience the Kassebaum’s work. We have, and we’ve loved every second of it.