Holistic Select

So many pet owners want the best for their friend but don’t necessarily know how to give it to them. Plenty of dog foods, cat foods, and treats contain ingredients that just aren’t good for our furry friends. There are several pet food brands that are leading the charge to inform the world of exactly how to make dog food, and Holistic Select is no exception. They’re dedicated to helping your pet live their best life by starting at the most basic level: their diet. For over 20 years, they’ve been developing their recipes to make sure you can purchase the best pet food possible. The key? One of the major points of their holistic philosophy is a balanced diet with proper ingredients to ensure the easiest and healthiest digestion possible. Not only does this make sure you get to live with and love your animal for as long as possible, but they’re happier and feel better too! What makes Holistic Select unique is their dedication to including healthy levels of probiotics, prebiotics, natural fiber, and digestive enzymes. These all work together to guarantee a balanced nutrition, by allowing your pet to break down as much of the food as possible, a healthy immune system, by the supporting the 70% of the immune system that lives in the digestive tract, and regularity, because the food moves through your dog’s body more efficiently and reduces bloating and discomfort.

Why is Holistic Select different? They focus more on the probiotics and prebiotics than anyone else in the industry. There are 100 million active probiotics in every pound of their food. Not to mention the guaranteed digestive enzymes that break down your pet’s food and allow them to get the most possible out of their food. Holistic Select really does take a scientific approach to what, exactly, your pet needs out of their food. At Northwest Pet Supply, we’re the biggest fans possible of using research and testing to make sure the food your fuzzy friend is eating is really the best thing for them. Holistic Select is exactly that.