Grizzly Pet Products

Grizzly has been focusing on the development of all-natural products for dogs and cats since 2002! All done right here in the Pacific Northwest. Washington, to be exact. They’ve had a very clear goal since their inception: to manufacture healthy and superior products for your pets. Grizzly started thanks to an important observation about wild salmon. After being carved into filets for human consumption, fishing companies were discarding a huge percentage of the usable fish! There was so much potential packed into the tossed away/ignored parts of the salmon. By developing partner agreements and locating facilities nearby Alaskan fish processing plants, Grizzly has been able to use the extra parts to extract the precious salmon oil with no additional processing! This allows them to produce a quality salmon oil product with minimal processing, and oh man do we appreciate it! Nothing feels better than using the whole fish, especially for as good a purpose as properly feeding man’s best friend.

Grizzly’s WIld Alaskan Salmon Oil is only sourced from salmon that have spent their whole lives eating natural and nutrient rich diets. This means the oil is rich in valuable fatty acids, inherent antioxidants, and vitamins that naturally occur in salmon. These plus sides are actually great for your pet! These oils don’t interfere with your pets intake of other nutrients and don’t need to be converted for your pet’s consumption! This isn’t true of flaxseed or other plant oils that may lose up to 80% of their effectiveness in the conversion process. All in all, we’re proud to carry Grizzly Pet Products. Not only are we happy to be selling healthy and nutrient-rich fish oils for your pet’s consumption, but we also empathize with the vision of putting an end to all kinds of wastefulness. If they can find that much value in the fish getting thrown away up in Alaska, what else can we do to make our pets’ lives even better than they already are?