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#1 Effective Dog Training Classes in Coeur d’Alene

To us, dog training is more than just corrections and tricks. We believe that training is all about creating a symbiotic relationship between a dog and their handler and is to be continued throughout the life of your furry loved one. A good dog begins with a great relationship with you, consequences for bad behaviors, corrections and of course the most important factor love and praise for those moments that your furry loved one exhibits great behavior!


Behavioral Modification 1
one-time fee
Behavioral Modification 2
one-time fee
On-leash Training - Level 1
one-time fee
On-leash Training - Level 2
one-time fee
On-leash Training - Level 3
one-time fee
Off-leash Upgrade (Add on)
one-time fee
Remote Training Collar
one-time fee
  • Navigate & Solve Common Problems
  • Personalized Lessons
  • Behavior, Territorial Problem Solving
  • 10% Discount Available to Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, Military, and Veterans.
Dog Training Classes at CDA NW Pet Resort

specialized DOG training courseS

Our team of pet trainers offer specialized courses for our furry friends and their handlers. We can help you choose the right course of training for your dog. Options include Behavior Modification (1 or 2), On-leash Training (Levels 1 - 3), Off-leash Training, and Remote Training Collar. Classes focus on personalized lessons in leash walking, off-lease walking, manners, place command, sit, stay, recall, growing confidence, and socializing in a group setting. Our classes also offer help with corrective behavior for pooches that may need some extra help and confidence.