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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in honest, transparent practices to ensure you and your furbaby have an enjoyable experience with us. Below are a few common questions and their answers to help you determine if our services are right for your family! If any of the questions you may have aren’t listed below, please consider reaching out! We typically respond the same day.
Question 1

For Daycare you do not need food for your pet. Daycare is designed for your furry loved one to play, socialize and come home tired.

For boarding, yes, we recommend that you do bring your furry loved ones food so that we can keep them on their particular diet and not cause them to have tummy upset! However, if you are traveling we do have a pet store where you can add food, treats, toys etc. too!

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Question 2

We happily and helpfully assist in maintaining your pet’s health. Our trained professional caregivers follow your pet’s prescribed care from your vet. We can administer topical ointments, oral medications, and/or insulin.

Question 3

Yes. Due to having a limited amount of lodges and on-site caregivers available, we require reservations to ensure we aren’t overcrowded during busier times. You can easily make a reservation online!

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Question 4

Are you new to us? It is as easy as filling out your pet profile by following this link.

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Question 5

We love to have guests to our facility, however; to minimize the stress on our guests we do not allow tours in the kennel portion of our facility. This also allows us to mitigate germs and illness to achieve the highest standard of care which has garnered the approval of numerous veterinarians across the region. We are happy to provide a real time camera system in our lobby for you to view our happy guests in action.

Question 6

Absolutely! We offer very affordable cat boarding. We welcome you to learn more about our Cat Boarding service.

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Question 7

Northwest Pet Resort includes complimentary Doggy Daycare with each night spent at our resort.

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Question 8

We welcome your pet’s personal effects with a couple exceptions for safety. We recommend you contact us on a case-by-case basis to ensure your pet’s favorite artifacts are OK. Ask for a Petcationers guide to see what to bring and what to expect during your pets stay.

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Question 9

Most of our services are flat-rate. Some service prices may vary. We are transparent with our prices, and you can find out more by discovering our services pages.

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Question 10

It is common for pets that struggle with separation anxiety to stop eating. We keep a continuous eye on your pet to ensure they eat. If they haven’t eaten within the 1st day of boarding, we will give you a call to update you — and proceed with different foods, wet foods, and/or treats, depending on your pet’s diet. We recommend you reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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Question 11

Our caregivers do our best to keep your pet on their normal feeding schedule. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to our guests. For any concerns, we recommend you contact us! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Question 12

To be a guest in our facility, we require our furry friends to have the following vaccines:

Dogs: Bordatella, DHPP (or equal), Rabies.
Cats: FVRCPC, FelV and Rabies

All vaccines must be current and up-to-date with valid certificates from your personal vet when to be a guest.

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Question 13

Absolutely! We welcome you to call or email us anytime for updates! We also offer the ability to message us in real time on our Facebook page @nwpetresort or using our chat widget on either of our websites.

Question 14

  1. We will need to make sure that your personal info is filled out in your pet profile.
  2. We will need to make sure that your pet info is filled out in your pet profile, considering all temperament and personal info that you know about your furry loved one.
  3. We will need a vaccine cert from your personal vet including DHPP or equal, Bordatella and Rabies and all boosters including puppy boosters please send this info to or simply attach a copy to your profile. We do accept waivers for medical reasons for certain vaccines, only if there is a medical necessity and the Vet has signed off on it!
  4. In the left hand margin of your profile there is an icon that is a piece of paper and a pencil. This is our release of liability and this will need to be read and signed ahead of any daycare or boarding reservations.
  5. Now you are ready to make a temperament. Although our temperament test is not required before a boarding or daycare reservation, we highly recommend you take us up on this complimentary 2 hours. The temperament test helps us to assess your furry loved ones personality, needs and suit them in a playgroup that is best for their size, speed and temperament.
Question 15

You will receive a refund minus the first night of boarding with a minimum of 48 hour notice. This allows us to ensure someone on a waiting list has enough time to occupy the room that you had booked.

Question 16

We do highly recommend that you are at least choosing a topical treatment that wards against fleas, ticks and chewing lice. This is to ensure that all of the furry loved ones are happy and bug free while they are playing or staying with us.

Question 17

There are no requirements with regards to spaying or neutering your furry loved ones at NWPR.

Question 18

No, we do not take a dog or cat in heat as it posses stress to all of the animals in the facility, including altering behavior of male dogs in play groups, and will leave dogs unsettled in the boarding environment and often times lead to male dogs trying to escape their room to seek out the animal in heat.

Question 19

  1. After the first instance of unruly behavior, fighting, mounting that leads to a fight or other extreme action the dog will be placed in a time out and taken out of daycare. The owner will be notified upon pick up.
  2. At the instance of the second unruly behavior the owner will be called immediately and the dog will be asked to be picked up from daycare for the day.
  3. At the third unruly incidence the owner will be called and notified immediately ( and forfeit the daycare fee's) and the dog will not be allowed back for daycare.

In the circumstance of aggressive behavior that results in a bite to one of the employees or excessive aggression towards any dogs in the facility, we reserve the right to bypass the 3 Strike Policy and not allow a dog to return to Daycare or Boarding. We love all furry loved ones, however; not all dogs are a good fit at Northwest Pet Resort. We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Is there a second chance? If your dog is given 3 strikes and asked to leave, you have the option to seek behavioral training. We may consider a new trial for your dog in Daycare if the owner provides proof of behavioral correction.