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Best Cat Boarding in Coeur d’Alene

Our cat boarding is set up keeping in mind that your cat is safe and happy while they are boarded with us. Personal Kitty Condos ensure that your cat has their own personal space. This is amazing because your cat doesn’t have to worry about another cat eating their food, challenging them (causing injury to your loved one) or your cat feeling stressed in an environment that doesn’t provide safety or security. Our Kitty Condos have a perch, hammock, stainless steel bowls and are equipped with litter boxes that have our favorite walnut based cat litter that cuts out multi-cat scent and ensures that your cat feels like they have an enjoyable place to stay while they are lodged away from you. We love to cuddle your cats and play with them with their personal toys in a private setting while they are lodged with us!


Overnight Stay (1 cat per Kitty Condo)
per night
  • Personal Upgraded Kitty Condos (Raintree™ Cat Condos) w/ 2 Perches
  • Hammock, Stainless Steel Bowls
  • Private Bathroom Litter Box Area (w/ walnut-based litter) - Separate from living quarters for each cat guest
  • 1-On-1 Care & Playtime
  • Clients have the option to bring a baby blanket and cat toys for their kitty's personal lodge should they choose.
  • 10% Discount Available to Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, Active Military, and Veterans.

Lodging Amenities

Cats enjoy a comfortable, relaxed stay at our resort. Our spacious cat condos make for great naps!
What is Cat Boarding?


Whether you’re going on a trip, or simply needing a trusty caregiver to watch over your feline friend, Northwest Pet Resort’s overnight cat boarding allows you the flexibility you need and the stress free experience you and your cat deserve. Our facility has been laid out to maintain our high standards for cleanliness and compassion for the cats under our care. Whether their stay is long or short term, we are excited to provide a cozy home away from home where your best friend will feel safe and loved until you return. 


At Northwest Pet Resort, we take pride in the quality and care we provide for our furry friends. To aid in maintaining a healthy environment for our guests, we require all cat boarding guests are fully immunized with FVRCPC, FeIV, and Rabies to ensure that each pet is healthy and happy upon drop-off and pick-up. Please also note that we require personal cat food to be brought in from home during boarding. This ensures that we avoid any tummy aches during their visit due to dietary changes.
Cat Boarding vs In-Home Stay


Often pet owners choose to leave their cats at home with a sitter, a sitter may check up for maybe an hour per day. For many cats, in-home stays work fairly well! Many individual cats, however, need more consistent attention — whether it be dietary restrictions, medication, or anxiety disorders. To ensure your cat is not just properly cared for while you’re away, but also given the attention your furry friend deserves, we recommend our overnight Cat Boarding service!


At Northwest Pet Resort, our Cat Boarding service allows peace of mind for you and your cat. For cats that are more sensitive to new environments, we recommend consulting with one of our specialists to see if our facility is right for your family.


Not always is stay-at-home an ideal option for your cat while you’re away. Northwest Pet Resort’s affordable cat boarding allows for any cat owner to feel confident in knowing their beloved furry friend is in good hands while they’re away. While you may have heard cats have a harder time being separated from their human if they’re not at home, it’s not true for every cat. Rather, cats often have time fly by quicker by staying busy, engaged by caregivers, and mentally stimulated during a stay at a pet resort. Your pet will definitely miss you while you’re away, there is just no denying that. However, a stay at our pet resort may just be what they need to have an easier time. 


This varies by each individual cat, and characteristic traits. Though Cat Boarding is an ideal solution for most cats, there are certain traits that make a stay-at-home cat a more comfortable experience. Cats that typically don’t have an easy time outside their typical environment may not have an ideal experience. Being in cages or transported, and/or unfamiliar people may also contribute to an uncomfortable experience for your cat. Some furry friends may have experience having a trusted caregiver keep an eye on them during your absence. For cats with dietary restrictions, and or medication schedules, we recommend Cat Boarding as an affordable way of ensuring your pet is taken care of while you’re away.
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