Northwest Pet Resort is a pet owner’s dream. And a pet’s utopia. Does that sound a bit over-the-top to you? Perhaps, but if the dogs and cats that spend time here could talk, we’re pretty sure that’s the sentiment they would share. Of course, owners can indeed talk, and they’ll tell you that the experience at Northwest Pet Resort is truly different than any “kennel” they’ve ever used.

We put “kennel” in quotes because that isn’t how we define our facility. Not even close. With unequaled compassion and unparalleled knowledge, our entire team understands the nuances of every breed and caters to their specific needs. Northwest Pet Resort isn’t just a place to drop off your dog or cat – quite the opposite, it’s a loving atmosphere where our boarding services, grooming process, and nutrition-focused foods are simply best in breed.

Cool facts about our dogs!

They really are amazing.

Lap dogs survived the Titanic!

Years the Labrador Retriever has been on the top 10 most popular list


Dogs who sleep in their owners bed


People who sign their dog’s name on their holiday cards

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